The Conjuration of the Voodoo Doll, Poppet and More by Starr


The Conjuration of the Voodoo Doll, Poppet and More is the latest book written by Mama Starr Casas. This book covers all things dollies.


Name your dollie “Gossip”, place the dollie in a cross set up of red candles. When you place the candle you need to place them top, bottom, left to right because you are nailing a gossip down. While that set of candles burn pray this petition over them daily.

Gossip Gossip your so shrew even when your mouth is shut with glue!

Every time you speak my name your lovely mouth will burn in flames!

The pain from the thorns will draw blood every time you speak my name!

Once this is done you have two options, one you can wrap the dollie up in a black cloth and put it away or two you can continue the work. If you are going to continue working the dollie then every day you need to set a tea light on the head of the dollie say your petition and the prayer below. Once all the gossip has settle down you can put your anti-gossip dollie away till it is needed again.


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